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Unofficial DR-DOS Resources

This page offers information about DOS and especially DR-DOS. This is not the official website, please visit http://www.drdos.com for licenses or customer support. If you have expected some information which you couldn't find on this page please have a look at http://www.drdos.org - perhaps you'll have more luck there ;-)
If you are interested in the development of OpenDOS have a look at Udo Kuhnt's website.

Due to Udo Kuhnt's help the DR-DOS documentation files are online again! Thank you!
Changed link to DOSTOOLS-page: The new URL is http://home.arcor.de/g.s/dostools.htm
corrected DR-DOS 7.02 download link (Sindylek Jiri)
changed the links directing to ftp.kando.hu to ftp.fsn.hu (see download.htm); added link to MalekTips (Andrew Malek)
added a link to DOCTOR DOS BETAMAX'S DOS SITE (thank you, Udo ;-)
re-wrote the site; added some files that weren't online, checked the links
Wolfgang Elsńsser published a website with a very big FAQ about PTS-DOS (http://www.almnet.de/ptsdos/). You can find the english version here.

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